We oppose the introduction of plain cigarette packaging

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About the Campaign

This website is owned and managed by Forest √Čireann. Forest √Čireann is funded by Forest UK (Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco) which receives donations from tobacco companies in Britain and Ireland. Neither Forest nor Forest √Čireann represent the tobacco industry.

We have a completely independent set of goals that are focussed on the right to smoke a legal product without undue harassment or discrimination. The views expressed on this or any other Forest-affiliated website are those of Forest alone.

In 2004 smoking was banned in all enclosed public places, including every pub and bar. Since then the display of tobacco in shops and other retail outlets has been prohibited. Packaging now carries graphic health warnings and tobacco duty is at record levels, encouraging a huge increase in illicit trade.

Health minister James Reilly now wants to introduce standardised packaging so every cigarette packs looks the same. Tobacco control campaigners say this will deter children from starting smoking. We disagree.

If you are opposed to plain packaging please support us and register your details. You can also get more information about the issues behind the campaign.

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